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ISS 2012: for cariad_82

Title: out of light.
Pairing/Focus: Woohyun/Sunggyu
Rating: R for sexually suggestive themes
Word count: 3663
Summary: Woohyun and Sunggyu get locked in their apartment alone when a blackout leaves without power the neighborhood.

To: cariad_82
From: Your Secret Santa

a/n: Loosely based on the prompt, I hope you can enjoy it anyway :/

Sunggyu hears the sheets ruffle by his side. He can barely see Woohyun, but he knows he isn’t asleep; after years of sharing a room, he can identify the different stages of Woohyun’s sleep just by hearing. He stays silent for a while, listening to the rain beating against the window panes and the thunders over their heads.

“What,” he says finally.

Woohyun sighs. “How do you always know, anyway?”

“You are noisy even when pretending to be asleep.”

“Right… Hyung, what time is it?”

Sunggyu slightly snorts and then feels the floor around him until he finds his phone. The whole room lightens when he touches the screen, and he squints his eyes.

“Almost midnight.”

He turns to look at Woohyun before the light goes off. The younger’s lying on his back with his eyes closed; he looks so calm it’s almost creepy. Once the room is dark again, Sunggyu hears the sheets ruffling again and he can feel the younger turned towards him.

“They are out there eating somewhere fancy while we have to stay here the whole night, what did I even do in my past life to deserve this?” He finally murmurs moodily.

“It’s not about what you did in your past life, it’s about this one.” Sunggyu chuckles.

“Funny. And it’s really lame to laugh at your own jokes you know.”

“Whatever,” Sunggyu turns on the mattress, giving his back to Woohyun. He hates it when the other turns the tables and he ends up being the one laughed at, and sadly most of their rows end up just like this.

He can hear Woohyun’s breathing close to his back, and he wonders when did he come so close to him and why.

“It’s not like any of us had a choice. Besides, they will have to sleep at the CEO’s, so I wouldn’t envy them so much,” Sunggyu finally murmurs.


Sunggyu closes his eyes trying to sleep, but after just a couple of minutes he desists; he is probably just not tired enough, being used to sleep five hours a day and having spent half the day free. Besides, sleeping in the living room is just as uncomfortable as it used to be sleeping in their old dorm, and Sunggyu really wants to forget about that now that he has a proper bed with a proper mattress.

"Why are you so close? I'm feeling your body warmth and it's disgusting," the older growls finally.

The younger hisses. "It's not like I have much space here, you know?"

"And whose idea was to sleep in the living room?" Sunggyu turns suddenly and he really is close why is he so close. Woohyun shows no intention to move, looking at him intently, so Sunggyu retreats slightly.

If Woohyun is bothered by the fact that Sunggyu is suddenly retreating, his face doesn't reflect it. He flattens his palm against the mattress between them and looks at his hand as if it was the most interesting thing he's ever seen.

"I thought since we are locked in anyway we could use some time together," he looks up at Sunggyu and pouts slightly, and the older finds it so ridiculous that he still pouts at his age like it's the most normal thing to do. "I wanted to have a pajama party but you are no fun."

Sunggyu seems pensive for a moment and then bursts out laughing. "That's so silly"

"Yah!" Woohyun hits him slightly in the chest with the hand that was previously resting between them. His hand lingers there playing with one of the cords of Sunggyu's sweatshirt while he speaks. "I still don't get it, so the electric lock ain't working, but they could come anyways and we would open the door from them. And they could perfectly go up the stairs, some exercise would be good for them."

"Yeah, sure, but if there's still no power by tomorrow how will we all shower with hot water? And how will we cook the breakfast? Besides, it is too dangerous for Myungsoo, he could get seriously injured if he has to climb ten floors with no light and then get to his bedroom."

Woohyun huffs, eyes still glued on Sunggyu's sweatshirt (or at least that's what Sunggyu thinks, for what he can see). "I was serious tho."

"Hmmm serious about what?"

"That we could use some time together." The pout is there again, and Sunggyu doesn't know if he wants to slap him or pat his head.

"What's wrong?"

Woohyun lifts his gaze in awe. "Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to spend some time with you, it's been a long time."

"You never want to spend time with me."

Although he can barely discern is facial features, Woohyun's pretty sure Sunggyu's squinting his eyes right now, probably while frowning.

"That's not true! How could I not want to spend time with my best friend?"

"You always say Kibum is your best friend."

"That's not- he's not- that's because he's not one of the members and that is different- I mean because the members are different and-" the younger stutters.

"Then is he your best friend or am I?"

"Ugh, you're like- ok, so he's my best friend, and you are something different like... my best member."

"Best member? What does that even mean?"

"It's a special category, ok?"

"Like a brother?"

"No, no, no, not like a brother at all."

"Because it's less than a brother and a best friend."
"Ugh, Sunggyu, why are you like this? I was trying to have a bonding moment here, you know?"
Woohyun retreats slightly hurt, but before he can turn around completely Sunggyu grabs the hand that has been resting between them all the time.
“Sorry, sorry,” he says fidgeting with the other’s fingers. “Just kidding.”
“Don’t do that, I told you you’re not funny.”
Sunggyu just chuckles as a response, still fiddling with Woohyun’s hand between his.
“I really hold you in a special category,” the younger mumbles.
The leader stops abruptly and his fingers tense around Woohyun’s ones, gripping them a little too hard, but it’s not like he’s going to say something. The younger realizes then that Sunggyu has his eyes closed and wonders how long has it been.

“I’m hungry,” he says finally, releasing his hand from the older’s grip, while the other one finally opens his eyes.

“Go eat something then, everything from the fridge will be bad by tomorrow anyways.”

“Oh shit, I hadn’t thought about it! We have to eat everything then.”

“It’s not like our fridge is overflowing, Woohyun. The ramen won’t go bad, don’t worry about it.”

He hears Woohyun move by his side and feels him stand up. He hears some noises in the kitchen, and when Woohyun comes back after a while he brings a plastic bag with him.

“Here, eat.” He takes a couple of yogurts out of the bag. “This is all that was in the fridge, I think we will be able to finish it.”

Sunggyu scrunches his nose at the thought of having to eat all the yogurts in the fridge, but decides to flow along and takes one of them.

"What. Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face?"

"Hyung, are you stupid? I can barely see your nose, how would I see something on your face?"

Sunggyu merely scowls, aware that Woohyun probably won't see it, and then turns his attention back to the yogurt in his hands.

"Actually there was something I wanted to talk about," Woohyun says finally, and when Sunggyu finally pays attention to him again he realizes his gaze hasn't probably left the older one for a second.

The leader feels suddenly intimidated by the hardness in Woohyun's expression, puts the yogurt aside and nods slowly. "Okay."

Woohyun sighs and relaxes himself. He leaves the glass of milk he's been holding impassive for the last ten minutes and lays on his side, his arm flexed and his head resting on his hand, eyeing Sunggyu. The other briefly considers mimicking him, but then he finds the overall image too award and simply leans on his hand, now resting behind his back, trying to look more at ease,

"I was thinking about the conversation we had the other day, the one about the fanservice, you know."

Sunggyu just hums in response. He faintly remembers it, but doesn't think the conversation left a deep impression on him.

"Well, you know that Sungyeol said he doesn't quite like to do fanservice, and it's pretty obvious Hoya isn't that much into it either," Woohyun starts.

"Are we talking about throwing hearts and that kind of stuff? Because I'm not ok with that either. Ew," Sunggyu scrunches his nose and the younger rolls his eyes at the overacting.

"No, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about touching... you know, touching each other."

"Oh, that."

Sunggyu's mouth stays slightly agape as he is hit by sudden realization. He mumbles another slight "oh" when he realizes that's why Woohyun was so serious and he totally was not paying attention to the conversation about fanservice with Sungyeol.

"You never said anything about it, so I was wondering if you ever feel uncomfortable when I- well when we do fanservice."

Sunggyu suddenly becomes extremely aware of his body position and feels the need to move. He lies on his side and takes the blanket that was crumpled at his feet to curl under him, but Woohyun hasn't move a bit so they are lying face to face now and it feels even more uncomfortable. The room is still pitch black, but they have gotten used to the darkness and can easily distinguish shapes now. Finally, Sunggyu turns slightly so that he isn't looking directly at Woohyun but to the wall behind him and clears his throat.

"I never really thought about it, so I guess not?"

"Ok... so you don't mind Dongwoo touching your butt, or Myungsoo hugging you, or... you don't mind when I rub your tight."

“Myungsoo’s hugs are quite endearing actually. And it’s not like I can stop Dongwoo from touching everybody’s butt,” he scoffs.

“Well, you know, what I was thinking is… how can we actually know when it’s fanservice and when it is not? What if Dongwoo was hinting something when he touches your butt?”

“I’m sure Dongwoo never does fanservice, he just likes touching butts.”

“Ok, not Dongwoo, just any other member, like in general you know.”

“No, I don’t know.”

Woohyun sighs soundly.

“I don’t usually go around touching my friend’s tights, you know. And I don’t do fanservice all the time, there are just some things I can’t help doing, just like Dongwoo touching butts.”

After a while, Sunggyu hums, and Woohyun is not sure whether that means he’s still processing it, he hasn’t understand a thing, or he’s playing stupid just like he often does. And honestly, he doesn’t think he can take any more of Sunggyu playing stupid.

“I didn’t kiss you that day.” Sunggyu snaps suddenly. “Whatever you think it was, it wasn’t a kiss. I just accidentally brushed my lips with the corner of your lips but it’s not like I did it on purpose. I know you think I did but I… really didn’t.”

Oh, that. He wasn’t talking about that, but it’s not like he has stopped thinking about it ever since it happened, a couple of weeks ago, when one moment they were whispering into each other’s ears not to wake up the other members and then next moment Sunggyu’s lips were over his. And just like it started, it ended, and Sunggyu was already on his bed telling him to go to sleep.

The silence becomes thicker after that, so much that Sunggyu is scared to gulp because he thinks the sound of his throat may echo in the room. He thinks he can’t even hear Woohyun’s breathing and for a millisecond he panics and feels tempted to turn towards him, but then the younger finally opens his mouth.

“I wasn’t talking about that.”

“Well, ok, but just in case- I mean I don’t- what were you talking-“

“Why do you have to be so difficult, Kim Sunggyu?” Woohyun almost whispers. “Why do you have to make everything so hard? I used to think you were dense, but now I think you’re just insensitive.” Woohyun’s voice becomes harsher every time, his breathing raged.

“Would it be so bad if you had kiss me? Tell me Sunggyu, would it?”
Sunggyu catches his eyes, and all his words get caught in his throat when he sees Woohyun’s angry gazed.

“I don’t- I can’t…”

“It’s ok if you reject me, just do it now, before I keep on imagining kisses that never happened. Or three years of unresolved sexual tension for the matter.”

“I didn’t even know this was a confession.” Sunggyu says, eyes never leaving Woohyun’s.

“What do you want me to say? That I wished you had kissed me that day? That I touch your tight because I really like touching you? That I think you’re a jerk but I kinda like you nonetheless?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Don’t start. Not again. Don’t stark joking around, not now.”

“You didn’t say anything before.”

“I wasn’t sure, I was waiting for you to do something or… I don’t even know.”

“Well I kissed you, didn’t I? Wasn’t that signal enough?”

“You can’t possibly be serious,” Woohyun says while sitting up.

“I am, actually.”

“I have tried to confess three times tonight.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t even know why I do it.”

“What, acting like a complete asshole? Well, maybe because you’re an asshole and I just can’t believe I have been in love with you for over two years.”

Sunggyu sits up slowly and Woohyun has to close his eyes. And then, he feels Sunggyu’s body warmth and he really is close why is he so close and his hand is being pulled from his lap.

“Two years?” Sunggyu starts fidgeting again with his fingers and it’s kind of comforting.

“Remember when we started sharing a room, and one night you started singing every single Nell song you knew?”

“That was almost three years ago.”

“Yeah, right. The vocal instructor had scolded me that day.”

“I know. I know.”

“Well, yeah…”

“Come here.” Sunggyu pulls his hand again, and then they are so close their lips brush.

“Don’t you dare say tomorrow that this was an accidental lip brush.”

The leader smiles ashamed. “I’m sorry, I really really wanted to but- I knew I shouldn’t, you know?”

“No, I don’t know.”

The leader chuckles, but then his expression changes and he sighs defeated.

“I don’t even know if this is a good idea.”

“What? No, no, no, no, no, no. No way. You’re going to kiss me right now, you’re going to tell me you have been in love with me for a long time, but you were too stubborn to admit it, you’re going to kiss me again and you are going to end this sexual frustration I’ve been dealing with for the past two years because after all I’ve been through I think I deserve-“

He never gets to finish the sentence because Sunggyu’s hand is already on his scalp, closing the distance between their lips and tentatively licking Woohyun’s lower lip, and when the younger is almost surrendering and a moan threatening to leave his throat, the elder parts away.

“I have been in love with you for a long time. And I was too stubborn and too self-conscious and mainly just too afraid to just admit it,” he kisses the younger again, this time opening his mouth so that their tongues finally meet. They kiss lazily and when they finally part away, Woohyun fisting Sunggyu’s t-shirt, the older’s gaze is so intense he almost feels like looking away. If only he could.

“And now I’m going to end this sexual frustration you’ve been dealing with for the past two years.”

Woohyun gulps, and the leader moves his knee between the other’s legs, wraps an arm around his waist and pulls until they are basically all over each other. When Sunggyu’s knee comes finally in contact with his crotch, Woohyun groans and lies on the bed, mouth still connected to Sunggyu’s.

“Owww,” he whines suddenly, and Sunggyu wishes he could say it’s out of pleasure, but he highly doubts it, so he quickly sits up to
see the younger scrunching his nose and feeling something under his back.

He finally pulls out something that Sunggyu thinks looks like a teaspoon and the older laughs, taking it from between Woohyun’s fingers and putting it inside the plastic bag. He looks around for all the yogurts and possible spoons and puts them all inside the bag, and finally turns around to put the bag as far from the mattress as he can. Before he can turn again to resume his previous activities, a hand sneaks around his waist from behind and he feels Woohyun breathing against his neck. The younger forces him to lie on his side, still backing him, and the leader puts his hand over Woohyun’s, getting himself comfortable against his chest.

"I thought you found my body warmth disgusting." Woohyun whispers against his ear.

"Good way to kill the moment, thanks, now get off me."

"No," Woohyun only tightens his grip around Sunggyu's waist. "Not anymore."

He feels Sunggyu tremble against his chest and finds it endearing. He's sure the elder is probably blushing and he's sorry he can't see it. "You can let Dongwoo touch your butt, I'm not the jealous type," he says, pushing him just a little more.

"Jerk," Sunggyu laughs softly and nudges him.

Woohyun breathes against his neck and Sunggyu closes his eyes, trying to concentrate in keeping his breathing even with Woohyun's.

"But not like this," he says while removing his hand from the place he was resting in on his belly to slide it slowly towards his crotch. "Don't let him touch you like this."

The older shivers when he feels Woohyun's hand, but contrary to what the younger thought, he doesn't protest.

"You know, I had to sleep with Dongwoo once and he touched me just like that," he whispers.

"Like this?" Woohyun applies a bit more pressure and starts moving his hand.

"Yeah, I think it wasn't intentional but it felt just like this."

Woohyun chuckles and breathes a soft "teaser" before dragging his hand towards the waistband of Sunggyu's sweatpants. Sunggyu hums and Woohyun takes it as an invitation to continue, so he tries touching his abdomen with only three fingers under the pants.

"Just like this." Sunggyu's voice is barely audible now, but Woohyun knows he's not thinking what he's saying anyways.

He finally slides his hand fully inside Sunggyu's pants and starts rubbing slowly. "Like this? Did it feel just like this?"

"No, it- it didn't feel like this at all. Ok- we didn't even sleep in the same bed, I made him sleep on the floor."

"I already knew it," Woohyun smirks against the leader's neck.

His hand stays still when he starts kissing Sunggyu's neck, and the older suddenly turns into his embrace, looking at him intently.

"If you're gonna do it, do it properly," he murmurs, and Woohyun barely has time to enjoy the short moment their faces are so close their breaths mingle before Sunggyu is kissing him fiercely, a hand buried inside his hair.

The hand that was previously inside Sunggyu's pants finds his way to the leader's waist, and when Sunggyu starts nibbling his lower lip as if his life depended on it, the hand starts sliding lower across his lower back.

"What are you doing?" Sunggyu stops abruptly.

"Making out? I thought I wasn't doing it alone, but I might as well be wrong," Woohyun says, trying to reach out for Sunggyu's mouth again, but the leader retreats his face out of his reach.

"No, I mean what is your hand doing."

"You ain't possibly hinting that I can touch your dick but I can't touch your butt, are you?"

"Well, yeah. It is awkward."

"Dongwoo does it all the time."

"He does," Sunggyu's is smiling teasingly now, so Woohyun takes the occasion to pull him again into a kiss and finally lower his hand and cup his bottom.

"You are an idiot," he pants between kisses, squeezing his ass and reducing the already minimum space between their bodies.

Sunggyu just hums in his mouth, not willing to break their kiss even to retort. He wraps one leg around Woohyun, bringing their crotches even closer, and then there's a thud and the room brightens.

They both squint their eyes, blinded by the sudden light, and Woohyun whines while Sunggyu buries his head in Woohyun's chest. "This can't possibly be happening," he mumbles against the other's t-shirt.

Woohyun reaches out for the blanket that still partially covers Sunggyu and extends it over their heads. The light isn't that intense under the blanket, but they can still clearly see each other's faces, so when Sunggyu finally lifts his head and they look at each other, they both blush intensely at the thought of what they have just done.



"Hm this is... ok, wait a second," Woohyun unwraps himself from the blanket and stands up, making sure Sunggyu stays safe under it.

He smiles at the sight of Sunggyu's form under the blanket and reaches for the light switch. He turns off the light and crawls back to the bed. He lies beside Sunggyu again, not bothering to remove the blanket, and then cups the older's face with his hand.

"Better?" he whispers against his lips.

"Yeah, perfect," the leader says before reaching to kiss him.
Tags: iss: 2012, pairing: sunggyu/woohyun, rating: r
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